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From The Principal’s Desk



Wow! The last month of school and also the last monthly newsletter for a few months, where has time gone? What a year it’s been, some good things and some not so good things. As the year winds down, it seems as if the students and staff are all in survival mode.  We all just want to get through the rest of the year.

The biggest thing we have going on now is the construction.  The contractors are full steam ahead working on the new areas of the building. I am very impressed with the companies in charge of the construction. They are moving along very quickly and doing quality work as they go. If you drive by one day and then it is a few days before you go by again, it is amazing how much the work has progressed. They are working on three different areas now, the new classroom portion, the cafeteria and the band/chorus room.  These areas will be finished and ready to move into before the next school year starts in August.  Shortly after school is out this summer, they will tear down the two story section so it can be rebuilt. This area will not be ready for us until between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is an exciting time at South Central High School. We are planning an open house sometime in early 2018 so the public can come and see the new additions.

As we move into May, it might be the busiest month of the school year. Along with normal baseball and softball games come awards night, spring concert, semester exams and several other special events. This is a busy, busy time of the year. With that said, the last big event of the year is always graduation. This year graduation is on the 19th of May.  For those of you that will be coming to graduation, parking will be quite crowded. Because of the construction, we no longer have a West parking lot. This means that the parking lots to the South and East of the school will be full during graduation. It might be that some of you need to make your own parking spots for graduation. If this is the case, please be respectful of those businesses around the high school.

Thank you for your support of South Central High School and our students during the 2016-2017 school year. Your support is always appreciated by each of us. Until next school year, have a great summer!


A Note from the Secretary………

I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to Mr. Phillips for leading us through another year! I would also like to congratulate him on being chosen as the IPA Kaskaskia Region Principal of the Year! With his leadership it has been another great year!  It has been a very busy but fast year!

With all of the construction going on, there will be some changes I would like you to know about for this summer as well.  Very quickly after school is out we will be displaced from our office for most of the summer.  If you need to contact us please email us.  We will be checking our emails regularly.  Our email addresses are on;;   We will do our best to accommodate your requests for transcripts in a timely manner. 

Please watch our website for updates concerning registration and other announcements throughout the summer.  Thank you!

Have a great summer!!


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