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April 17

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From The Principalís Desk



Goodbye March, Hello April!  As we move into the next to the last month of school, we start to look toward graduation. The seniors are stressed out of their minds about growing up and doing stuff that adults do. They arenít liking this ďadultingĒ thing.  College applications, applying for jobs, getting ready to go to the military and anything else you can think of is keeping these seniors occupied these days.

Baseball and softball has gotten underway in the past week or two. Letís hope this is a great spring for them to get some games in. We are looking forward to Mr. Kapper and Mr. Jones having their teams playing at a high level as we cheer them on. 

A team that hasnít gotten much recognition this winter is the scholar bowl team. Under the direction of Ms. Hawkins, they have had a great season with a couple tournament wins and the chance to play for the regional title. They finished with a record of somewhere around 29-11. I think that is a great season.

If you have passed by the high school in the past three weeks or so, you have probably noticed a flurry of activity on the West side. Our construction has begun and is moving along quite rapidly.  We are not only hoping for great weather for ballgames but also for the construction. We have had a few headaches along the way and there will be more as construction continues but the entire project will be nice when it is completely finished, so the headaches are really quite minor. This new addition is going to be something that the entire district can be proud of.  If you want to keep track of the construction but canít drive by, go to and click on SCHS and the ďUnder ConstructionĒ tab to find plenty of pictures, starting from the beginning of the project. We will keep updating pictures until the project is complete.

Have a great April and stay out of the April showers!

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