Technology Survey for Parents

Directions: Please take the time to respond to the survey questions frankly and truthfully. It is critical that you complete all answers before submitting. The system will not accept any sections with incomplete information. Your choices and comments are electronically anonymous! Your answers will be used only in combination with other responses. The answers you give will be combined with others and can never be identified as yours. Only click the Submit button once!

1. My ethnic background is:

2. I have a home computer.

3. I have access to Internet use.

4. Does your student have a personal e-mail account?

5. I use a computer for work.

6. I use a computer for learning.

7. I have good computer skills.

8. I am comfortable learning and working with different technologies.

9. I have a good overall knowledge of technology.

10. Technology is critical to the learning experience of students.

11. I would support additional funding for technology use with learning.

12. My student's access to technology in school is currently regular and adequate.

13. My student has strong technology skills.

14. My student is encouraged to use technology at school for school projects.

15. My student has access to a computer outside of school for school work.

16. My child frequently uses technology for homework.

17. I assist my child in using a computer for school projects.

18. My child plays games on a home computer.

19. I use a computer in my profession.

20. The school offers tech classes for parents.

21. I would be interested in technology training classes for parents at the school.

22. My school uses technology for communicating with our home and family (web pages, voice messaging, listservs, newsletters, e-mail).

23. Among all the needs facing schools today, where would you rank technology?
Low -                                - High